What We Do

OUR SERVICES include the following:

Finding Horses: Are you looking to buy a Percheron horse in France? We can point you in the right direction, or actually find the horse for you. We know breeders and can offer an independent assessment of bloodlines as well as eventual quality both for using (riding, driving, agricultural work, logging) and breeding. We can also organize pre-purchase vetting and transport.


Genealogical Research: Do you have a horse with French bloodlines and would like to know more about their origins? We can look up pedigrees going back a minimum of five generations. We can also, to the extent that the images are available, create a graphic pedigree for your horse.


Gear: Do you need to know where to look for XXL equipment for your Percheron horse? Be it in France or elsewhere, we can generally point you in the right direction, whether you are looking for tack or driving vehicles, or agricultural/logging equipment. We can also offer advice on basics such as which bit to use when, and why.


Breeder Visits: Are you coming to France and want to visit some breeders? We can arrange these, based on what type of horse you would be interested in seeing (heavy or light, with or without American blood, more grey or black), and whether there are some particular bloodlines you would like to explore.


International Connections: Are you looking for a breeder/user in another country or on another continent, to exchange skill sets or maybe even purchase frozen semen from a different stallion? We can put you in touch with someone corresponding to your interests/needs!


Research: Would you like to explore the ways in which the Percheron horse is used in France? There are currently about 300 municipalities that use draft horses for everything from collecting recyclable trash, or trash cans in town centers, to gardening in public parks, instead of school buses to transfer children, and many other uses. Aside from the cost advantage in many cases, the social asset of having a horse in your town is enormous. We can provide case studies and examples to help you launch a project of your own. Aside from her knowledge of Percheron horses, Virginia has years of experience in both financial and market research.


Magazine Articles: Are you looking for an article for your publication on Percheron horses and their place in our modern world? Over the past few years, Virginia has written a number of articles for Draft Horse Journal and Pays du Perche, and  would be happy to work for you on your subject of choice.


Prices for all services are available upon consultation