Virginia Kouyoumdjian is principally based in the Perche, in France, cradle of the Percheron breed. She is fluent in English, French and Japanese, and has a well-established wide network of Percheron breeders and users around the globe. She is a member of the French Percheron Horse Society (Société Hippique Percheronne de France) and the British Percheron Horse Society. She is passionate about the breed and is eager to share this passion with the public at large, not just those who already know that this is the most wonderful breed in the world!

Virginia has two Percheron horses of her own. Vidock d’Albe is a five-year old dark dappled grey stallion approved for breeding by the stud book commission of the French Percheron Horse Society. He combines the best of French and American breeding, having 25% American bloodlines through his paternal grandsire, Silver Shadows Sheik. He is ridden, driven and does logging. Five-year old light grey mare Violette de l’Aumone has impeccable bloodlines despite being a rescue. She is all French but without any of the extra bulk, poor tissue and bad legs that have been associated with some French breeding in the 20th century. She is ridden and will soon also be driven.

Virginia organized the international aspect of the last Percheron world Congress at the Haras du Pin in France in 2011, working with people in the UK, Italy and Belgium to bring horses to participate, as well as arranging the participation of an Australian vaulting team, and visits from Percheron people in the United States, Canada, and Australia. She also organized a one-day conference on the Percheron horse during the congress.  She is present each year at the French National Percheron Championships, held at the Haras du Pin the last weekend of September, to offer assistance to any English or Japanese-speaking visitors.

To date, Virginia has worked with potential buyers in the UK, Italy, Brazil, Germany and Denmark.

In 2012 and 2013, Virginia took part with the British Heavy Horse Driving Trials Club in the 2012 Route du Poisson (Fish Run) in France, and the 2013 Route du Luxembourg Belge in Belgium. These are both major heavy horse rallies, with teams of 20 horses and 10  drivers from France, Belgium Switzerland and the UK.