PERCHERON SPIRIT is a new kind of Percheron-related service network. It is the brainchild of Virginia Kouyoumdjian who seeks to offer an international service to help people find horses, services, and any other information related to these magnificent horses.

Our principal base is in the Perche, in France, the cradle of the breed. The Percheron horse is a true global success story in that, like some famous global brands, different countries now see it as their own. Historically, however, the banks of the River Huisne are where it all started with the modern-day prefectures of Euret-et-Loir, Orne and Sarthe all straddling the historical area of the Perche.

As someone once wisely said, it is not a question of what you know but who you know that can give you the answers. Nobody has all the answers but we do have a wide network of breeders and users across the globe, and we usually know who to ask. The evolution of the Percheron across the globe has meant that different uses have developed in different areas. In France, for example, the Percheron is increasingly used in vineyards and municipalities. In fact. Around 300 municipalities in France now use draft horses for all types of work, often finding them to be more cost-efficient than mechanized vehicles. If you are looking for ideas, or need research done on something that might be potentially interesting for you, we are here to help.

Virginia is at the core of this network. She has been involved with the world of the Percheron for about a decade. Years of volunteering and consulting for the French Percheron Horse Society have given her an insight into the Percheron in France, and where information resources can be found. Internationally, she has created an excellent network with breeders and users in the UK and across Europe, the United states and Canada, Australia, South Africa, Japan and even South America. The answer to whatever you might be looking for may be in an unexpected place, and she will generally know where to find it!

We are able to work in English, French and Japanese.

Some Views of Percheron Horses in the Cradle of the Breed: